We had a chat with Romany, our Head of Immersive Technology & VFX to get a glimpse into what it’s like starting at Maclean Moore as a grad. She started with us in 2017 straight from University, and here is a look into her journey so far.

Tell us about what attracted you to Maclean Moore?

Leaving university can be daunting, particularly if you’re unsure of the next step. For me, I knew a career within recruitment offered great potential, and when searching for a graduate role, Maclean Moore stood out immediately.

As a smaller agency, they truly embody the ‘family-feel’ environment that so many companies sell themselves as. With everyone working together on the floor, from the owners to grads, you have support available instantly and will be provided the tools needed to succeed!

Not only this, but they also ensure the treats and incentive targets are achievable to all. It’s not a case that the Senior Consultants and Directors are looked after, leaving the juniors to pick up the slack. You can have joined last week, but if you hit the target, you’re going to Marbella! As a graduate, this was great, and really makes you feel a part of the team, regardless of experience level.


What is your role at Maclean Moore?

I’ve worked with Maclean Moore for almost 6 years and I now lead a team of 360 consultants here as Head of Immersive Technology & VFX.

Not only have I had a clear and speedy promotion route through the company, but I was fully supported when making the transition from billing consultant to a team lead, and still have guidance available if needed.

What do you think are the benefits of starting a job in recruitment after finishing uni?

For me, one of the main benefits of starting a career in recruitment was the financial potential. Maclean Moore offer a competitive, uncapped commission structure, providing you with a great platform to be financially secure quickly. At the time I had just moved to London, so knowing my earnings were in my control provides that extra security.

Also, it’s always a big transition moving from studying full-time into full-time employment. I found stepping into recruitment, and specifically MM, the lively and energetic environment helped ease potential difficulties many others may face. Whether it’s starting the day laughing because someone’s football team lost the night before, or a quick – but very serious – table tennis competition at lunch, I found it an easy step following university, and I’m still enjoying it so many years on.


What’s your favourite part of your role?

There’s never a dull day in recruitment, and every day is different. You learn to adapt quickly – working with people as your product is great, but can make things more unpredictable, so you’ll get used to thinking on your feet or coming up with out-of-the-box solutions. You’ll develop skills that not only will help you smash your recruitment life, but you can take outside of work too.


Why would you recommend it to grads looking for what to do after finishing Uni?

Recruitment is great for strong-minded individuals, and Maclean Moore offer an excellent opportunity for you to have autonomy in your work, while also having close support to hand, guiding you through the process. In this position, you’ll boost your confidence and gain transferrable life skills. All the while also working in a fun, dynamic environment – yes, we have a pool table, table tennis, darts and air hockey in the office, and yes, we take these games very seriously!

Maclean Moore also nurture a fully collaborative environment – consultants aren’t put up against each other, we genuinely all look to support our colleagues in any way we can. There’s healthy competition for who will be the top biller – as we all certainly want to be – but never to the detriment of another team member. Within a sales environment, this is frequently not the case, so it’s another area where I think Maclean Moore set themselves apart.


What’s been your best moment so far in your role? 

I would struggle to pin-point one specific moment, but I would firstly have to mention the incentives. The owners invest a lot into ensuring their team is happy and motivated, and they’ve ranged from weekends away and Michelin star meals, to shuffleboard and go karting. Ensuring there’s something for everything, every single event is always a day/night to remember! Having attended a number of such days, I can say with certainty, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every one!

Another highlight for me was being the top biller across all Maclean Moore offices last year. Having started in my role straight from uni, it was hugely motivating to know that just because some consultants have 10 years of experience, it doesn’t mean I can’t top the leader board. It’s a great testament to the training and support provided to junior team members – you can be the best, regardless of years of experience.