We had a chat with Harry, one of our Delivery Consultants. Harry recently graduated, and didn’t know what his next step would be. That’s when he came across the role at Maclean Moore. 

Tell us about what attracted you to Maclean Moore?

I have a friend that also works at Maclean Moore, and she recommended I have a look at the grad role. I thought it looked like a great opportunity to kick-start my career after leaving University. Compared to most graduate jobs, Maclean Moore offers the possibility of Uncapped Commission. For a broke 22-year-old straight out of Uni this was very exciting!


What is your role at Maclean Moore?

My role is Delivery Consultant, this means I support the recruitment process for our Strategic Accounts. I am responsible for sourcing candidates for some of our biggest clients, and coaching them throughout the interview process to secure them an offer. Working as a Delivery Consultant offers a unique opportunity to work cross-sector and recruit for a range of jobs across multiple industries.

What do you think are the benefits of starting a job in recruitment after finishing uni?

After completing a Business Management Degree at university, a job in recruitment allows me to get an insight into a multitude of global organisations. This job is also great for developing business skills that a university degree did not teach, such as negotiation and sales techniques. For a hungry graduate that is money-driven and likes a fast-paced environment a role in recruitment is perfect.


What’s your favourite part of your role?

The fast-paced dynamic nature of being a Delivery Consultant keeps the job exciting. It is a very high energy role where you have to think on your feet and work quickly to meet challenges head on. Recruitment is all about ‘people’ and as a Delivery Consultant you will spend most of your day on the phone. The social nature of this role is the best part of the job.


Why would you recommend it to grads looking for what to do after finishing Uni?

Maclean Moore is a great place for graduates to come for their first job straight out of university. Very frequent Incentive trips to bars and nice restaurants are just one of the perks! If you are a sociable and driven graduate that wants to earn a lot of money in their first year out of university, there aren’t many jobs that provide a better opportunity than this.